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Church Of Hope: Afterworld (Hiatus)

2013-08-04 10:46:09 by Nicksmall94

Due to the increasing work I've been putting into for other projects, I'm putting Church Of Hope on Haitus until further notice. The thought occurred to me to just cancel the rest of the project since its a very heavy project and time is not on my side. I am focusing on other projects that would interest listeners more, like Mario and James Bond. Speaking of James Bond and Mario, I am working on a few Eurodie projects and a Mario project that is completely fan made. I'm hoping in time I will be able to provide more quality music in quicker variants of time.


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2013-08-04 19:16:09

Don't rush, or ur gonna end up in a traffic jam

(bad joke)

But take as much time as you need. =) I like quality better than quality

Nicksmall94 responds:

Don't you mean quality then quantity haha.


2013-08-04 23:23:52



Nicksmall94 responds:

I'm almost done with one of the Eurodie tracks I've been working on