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COH:A -Market Massacre

2013-06-29 14:56:53 by Nicksmall94

Once again the limits of the description box force me to use the News Post to keep the story going.

Church Of Hope: Afterworld - Market Massacre (CH 2)

0:00 - 0:28: (Large crowd booing)
Kyle: Do you hear that?
Hailey: I hear trouble sweetie.
Kyle: That's what I thought
-scene switches -
-Crowd in the Market Town square roaring-
-Commander of Hell's cove walks in waving to the crowd next to Saint Vero-
Saint Vero: (leans over towards to Commander) Liam, let's make this quick.
Liam: I like to entertain my people with fear sir.
-scene returns-
(Kyle slices a guards neck and picks up his binoculars from a roof top)
Kyle: Here *hands binoculars to Hailey*
*Hailey looks into binoculars*
Hailey: I see Vero and another one of his right hand boys
Kyle: *hands over guards long range musket Rifle* Cover me I'm going after Vero
Hailey: Watch out for Rifle boys
(Kyle rappels off of roof top)

0:29 - 0:41: (Guards are patrolling an alleyway leading way to Devil's Square)
Guard 1: Do you think Commander Radke will have us patrolling this place for the rest of the week?
Guard 2: Probably, guy's an asshole to be honest
(Kyle shoots his repel and disarms both guards)
Guard 2: What the hell, its Kyle!
(Kyle kicks Guard 2 in the head and shoots Guard 1 in the head)
Guard 3: Hey guys its Kyle!! Over here!
(Kyle climbs into a window)
Guard 4: Where is he Cadet?
Guard 3: I just saw him here! Look team 4 is down!
Guard 4: I hate my job, I really do.

0:42 - 0:54: (Goddess Elpis is tied to a Pole that rises from the ground)
*Audience roars*
Commander Liam Radke and Vero stare into the crowd.
Vero: My fellow people, Goddess Elpis has committed a crime that not even death can justify.
She has betrayed you all by allowing the Church Of Hope rise and release demons that have terrorized the State of Hope and allowed thousands to die. There are other Saints more qualified for Godhood then her, it's time to change that
*Elpis looks up at Vero*

0:55 - 1:00: *Vero holds up the special dagger designed to kill Immortals through an advanced form of the Vero Virus*
Vero: Time to die you little bitch.

1:01 - 1:07: (5 fast fired shots)
(Elpis is freed from the ropes and falls on the ground)
Vero: *Looks up from where the shots were fired*
*Kyle is seen holding his gun pointed towards the pole Elpis was tied on*

1:08 - 1:14:
CMD Liam Radke: Kill Kyle Alexander, and recapture Elpis! Now GO!
Vero: She's gone! Kill Kyle and Hailey!
*Crowd screams and empties out of Devil's Plaza*
*Hailey walks into the Plaza with people rushing past her*

1:15 - 1:35:
*Kyle jumps off the roof and fires 3 shots at Vero missing him*
*guards open fire at Kyle*
Hailey roundhouse kicks a guard in the back of the head, busting his neck. A 6 round revolver falls out of his holster. Hailey picks up the Revolver and runs to Kyle.
Kyle reloads his gun and upholsters his defense knife. A Guard grabs Kyle's neck with a rifle, Kyle spins his knife in the back position and stabs the guard in the stomach and flips the guard. Kyle uses the Rifle and smacks another guard across the face.

1:36 - 1:55: *Vero puts on his electric arm weapon* Kyle, You're death means more to me then the Goddesses. *Grasps palm*
Goddess: I need to make it to Skyis, Vero is out of his mind. Atleast I can warn the Saints.
*Elpis spots Hailey walking fast towards her*
Goddess: Hailey, I need you to slow Vero down as much as you can until I can make it to Skyis.
Hailey: Elpis, why can't you fly there?
Goddess: I haven't been able to fly since the Rising of the Church. Long story actually. I must go, good luck.
Hailey: Good luck to yourself.

1:56 - 2:09: *Crowd screaming and distant gun fire sounds*
*Hailey looks around*
Hailey: Vero did this, he convinced these people that he's their only hope.
*Woman falls onto the ground crying*
Hailey: I refuse to let him make it to Chowchana.

2:10 - 2:22:
*Kyle fires his handcannon at an oil barrel* *Explosion and screaming*
CMD.Radke: You're like your father Kyle, I'm impressed! If Vero *Vero walks into Kyle's view* doesn't kill you come to the Palace and I'll fight you at the Pyro Castle above ground. Haha.
Kyle: I'll see you then. *Radke walks away*
Vero: Ready to die?
Kyle: Ready when you are.

2:23 - 2:42: *Vero charges at Kyle who dodges him*
Kyle kicks Vero in the back and knocks him on the ground. Vero gets up and punched Kyle across the face and zaps him with the Electric Arm.
Kyle: Aaahhuuggghhhhh *Fires a round into Vero's electric arm*
Both fall to the ground. Kyle gets back up and tries to drop kick Vero who rolls out of the way. Kyle grabs Vero's arm and spins him towards the pole Elpis was tied to. Kyle kicks Vero and knocks him against the pole. Kyle fires his rappel and ties Vero onto the pole and cuts the Rappel. Kyle turns around and punches the button that lowers the Pole.

2:43 - 2:49:
Kyle pulls out his handcannon and points it at Vero's head as he descends into the hole.
Kyle: I got you now you son of a bitch.

2:50 - 2:55: A Guard pushes Kyle's hand and Kyle fires a shot 45 degrees from Vero's head.
Kyle takes his defense knife and pounds it into the back of the guard's head.
Kyle rushes to the hole but it closes before Kyle can jump in and kill Vero. Kyle pounds the ground.

2:56 - 3:14
Hailey runs to Kyle and grabs his arm
Hailey: Come on, This hole leads to the Palace of Hell. If we hurry we'll catch him!
Kyle: Yeah yeah, right okay let's get him. *The pair run into Devil's Square to find the Palace of Hell*

3:15 - 3:27
Radke watching from the top of the Palace of Hell.
Radke: Run young Kyle, I look forward to fighting the Son of Alex Alexander hahahaha.


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