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2013-06-18 22:44:22 by Nicksmall94

Unfortunately I'm aging and my ideas are running thin. Church Of Hope is my primary work and for the past 3 years has keep my occupied and happy on days I wasn't so happy. My Uncle's spirit in me fades as I create soundtracks for the series he inspired after his death. Being 19 and writing music has become more difficult as I handle college work, I've gain lots of knowledge about music and soundtracks these past few years. I've gain the ability to play piano with the time I spent into music.

Church Of Hope: Afterworld will be the last of the Church Of Hope Trilogy. Though I had ideas for a forth one with either Kyle returning or the original hero Saint Alexander but set in a time before COH: Rising. I may change my mind depending on the reception of Afterworld after I finish the story.

Good News though, I'm only on Chapter 2 and we've got many more chapters to cover. I might add an extra chapter returning back to Saint Alexander before and during the Original Church Of Hope.
The next song will be extra special because of the new instruments I got for it and will see release this week.

Eurodie will also be finished before I retire. I'm still working on the projects that I said I would work on.
Video game covers seem very unlikely mainly because everyone does them and I'm not risking my account for copyright issues although I am working on a Starman theme using the same concept as Church Of Hope: Rising's music writing style.

Last note, I will still be on newgrounds but not as often as I am now after my retirement. I don't see me stopping until the end of 2014 so please enjoy my last Church of Hope. I'm putting in more energy then ever to perfect it and the storyline.


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2013-06-19 13:06:38

I don't have any words to say. You are an incredible musician and writer (Church of Hope's story is awesome) and i wish you the best of lucks.

Nicksmall94 responds:

Thanks, i've got around a year until i finish my projects, but if i'm still fresh towards the end, i might do a forth COH and call it quits after 5 chapters.