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Artistic possiblities

2013-02-16 19:18:48 by Nicksmall94

Church Of Hope: Afterworld may be accompanied by with a comic to make sure the story is nice and clear. I will personally draw comics by hand as I did a few years ago on a different project.

I will also try to make character sketches as well so that people know what all the characters look like and the world it takes place in. I'm hoping that if I make a Fourth Church of Hope, that it would possibly get a movie on Newgrounds but its fine either way.


Kyle Alexander's Weapons due to 70yrs advance will include a better weapon's choice.

Custom Sawn-Off Shotgun - 1970's model
Handcannon - 1790's and 1960's Hybrid Model
Chain & Hook - Used as a Weapon and a tool to reach hard-to-reach places
10 inch Defense Knife - Same one used by his Grandfather from the first 2 COHs
18 Inch custom sword - made when Kyle was 17.
Throwing Stars


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2013-02-17 22:08:51

OMG! That is one of your best ideas!
I hope you will still have time to make music for my ears! :D

Nicksmall94 responds:

Got the idea from your comic c: