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Quick Update.

2013-02-03 14:03:08 by Nicksmall94

As I get used to my new computer, I have a shit load of new ideas I couldn't use on my old Asus due to it being a Netbook with 2GB of ram compared to the 6GBs of Ram on my HP Pavilion G7.

For Church Of Hope: Rising, the hero will now cross into the Afterworld and like the Cathedral Themes, It will reflect how far the hero has gotten and the entire soundtrack.

For Church Of Hope: Afterworld, I am starting work on the soundtrack which sounds much like the Original Church Of Hope but with a Dark COH:R styled soundtrack that will reflect Kyle's family's past and reveal much of the Hero and his adventure during the timeline between Church Of Hope and Rising.

There maybe a Church Of Hope: 4 but so far I think the Church Of Hope trilogy will end at Afterworld.

Ironix - I am taking a break from the world of James Bond but I am confirming a few Goldeneye 64 covers.

StarFox - I will finish a few covers of StarFox

Mario - I honestly see no reason to continue covering Mario soundtracks due to the fact that Newgrounds is drowning in them but I do have an idea for the Starman Theme so there is some hope there, not to mention I never finished remaking the remaining SMB3 worlds a second time.

Another Note - Stop SENDING ME MESSAGES ABOUT USING MY MUSIC or PUBLISHING IT ON ANOTHER WEB SITE FOR CASH! I am pubishing my Music ONLY on Newgrounds, Whatever profit I make off of newgrounds is what I'm walking away with. All of Church Of Hope and Ironix Music is NOT ALLOWED to be used OUTSIDE OF NEWGROUNDS. Another that I covered, like Mario, or Resident Evil may be used outside of Newgrounds as long as you contact me and let me know where you're using it.


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2013-02-03 15:19:12

Can i use it outside of newgrounds for cash?


Nicksmall94 responds:

As long as you split it with me ;o