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Church Of Hope: Afterworld

2013-01-24 17:21:22 by Nicksmall94

After I finish Church Of Hope: Rising, I will continue the story with the new hero Kyle Alexander through a series of music that will be alot more different from the styles of Church Of Hope and Church Of Hope: Rising. I'm going to use alot more electro music to give Kyle his own theme, style, and personality burnt into the music.

The Characters of Church Of Hope: Afterworld (COH:A or COH3)

Hero - Kyle Alexander

Supporting Enemy - Saint Vincent Vero

Main Enemy - Afterworld Guardian; Necrosis

Goddess of the 7 kingdoms of the Church Of Hope - Queen Elpis (The Goddess is the same woman that the first hero met with)
The locations are visited outside of the State of Hope.

Port Vice (Hero and Kyle's Kingdom)

Devil's Plaza (A Kingdom in the mountains that is headed by a Castle that is possessed by Demons)

Fort Irack (A Small Kingdom that houses both criminals and Military support from the State of Hope Kingdom Army)

Chow Chana - (A Chinatown like Kingdom with a government housed in an Ancient temple)

Industria (A very small industrial kingdom that manufactures many everyday items)

Skyis (A Kingdom in the sky that helms Gods, Saints, and Goddesses that protects the Churchs including Church Of Hope, it also serves as a Gateway to the Church of Hope in case someone were to rise the Church Of Hope and release monsters from the Afterworld located under the Church Of Hope)

Church Of Hope (The Church that housed many discoveries of medication to cure illnesses, also serves as a Graveyard, and a spiritual ground to pray and worship at)

Afterworld (A catacomb underground kingdom that was built by the Saints who founded the Church Of Hope to keep very evil monsters and spirits away from humans)


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2013-01-24 21:21:32

Thats AWESOME! (yuo should write a book, not joke)

Nicksmall94 responds:

I should, I really should but I just don't have the time.


2013-01-25 20:43:58

I have to get back into reviewing you guys =0. I'm intrested how your electro style will turn out.

Nicksmall94 responds:

Well you know what Rising sounds like, so I'm going to move more into Electro and make it more Ambient and Darker.