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2013 holds better music

2012-12-30 16:02:06 by Nicksmall94

Church of Hope and COH: Rising will receive their final songs

COH:Afterworld will have its Debut.

I will create a second Original Mario Soundtrack

Ironix will receive more soundtracks and a Menu Theme.

I will have a better computer and possible get a hold of better music software

2013 will be full of music and I will have little time on the side to do soundtrack work for Towers 3. As soon as I get the Second one done.

My first Mario soundtrack of the second collection will be a multiplayer styled soundtrack like the Ironix collection. Suggestions will be used as a basis for the first song. I will use the Mario Theme and possibly the Starman Theme.

I will also work on Star Fox, Paper Mario, and Goldeneye 64 soundtracks. I'm hoping to work a unique sound rather then remaking the soundtracks. Once again I will take Suggestions.

Also i'm hoping to collaborate again with Climbladders (Eric) on a Star Fox track. Corneria hopefully. Maybe I could collaborate on one of his songs. I would like to further our partnership with Stopsignal and his flash. C:


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2012-12-30 21:54:39

- C: -